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Yakiniku (authenitic Japanese BBQ) is a eating style in which fresh, seasoned ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetables are placed on a mesh and grilled over a direct flame.

Yakiniku is generally thought to be high in cholesterol, but our method of preparation is regarded as the ideal and most healthy way to cook meat. By grilling the meat, any excess fat drains away to produce an extremely low calorie meal, with actual cholesterol levels being less than one tenth that of egg yolk or butter. What's more, by eating the meat together with sunny lettuce, known as the king of mineral vegetables, and seasonal vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, a good nutritional balance can also be achieved. The spicy chills peppers used in the seasoning help sharpen the appetite and activate the metabolism, while the "natural antibiotic" garlic helps prevent against colds and other sickness through the anti-bacterial properties of the active compound allicin, as well as providing stamina through the system toning effects of scordinin.

We strongly recommend you try our Yakiniku, made with the finest hand selected ingredients.